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CGIL Website Redesign


Front-end Development
Project Management




Custom Gateway International (CGIL) is a Hong Kong based solution provider, allowing retailers, brands and fulfillers to sell On-Demand products by a complete End-To-End platform. The previous website was a simplified version based on the main website (KornitX). It mainly targets APAC markets to briefly introduce the platform features, services and benefits of On-demand. The purpose is to increase sales opportunities.

PROBLEM: why redesign old website?

  • Information structures are not well organised
  • Low conversion rate
  • Poor information hierarchy and colour contrast cause low readability
  • Lack of proper visual design system and high-quality images
  • Hard to edit the team member section as it was built manually without CMS


  • Creating a well-thought-out information architecture website with a professional visual design
  • Delivering a clear concept and idea of On-demand workflow and CG services
  • Increasing the reliability and trust to improve conversion rate
  • Providing an effective UI&UX design and development solutions


Based on our creative direction, target audiences and project goals, I have further developed the style guide (colour, font, visual style etc) in order to create a professional, modern and dynamic website in a consistent way. While applying illustration, infographics, icons and gradient colours, we have simplified and visualized the conceptual information in an attractive way. The website front-end development was handled by us internally via Wix as an effective solutions.


  • Leading and executing the project from scratch
  • Managing the project on Notion
  • Analysing the old website
  • Setting up content direction
  • Using different design tools to create design and layout (Figma, AI, PS)
  • Exporting all the assets from Figma and uploading to Wix for front-end development (mobile responsive, interactive elements, multilingual and content management system etc)

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